• 1PAY. Be your own bank. Low fees, lightning fast transfers, and low costs.

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The power of decentralized finance at your fingertips. Be your own bank. 1PAY brings the banking system to your pocket. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to get started today. Buy 1PAY today and join the banking revolution for everyONE.

Be Your Own Bank With 1PAY

The power of banking on rails at your finger tips. We are putting your very own bank, in your pocket. Join the decentralized finance revolution for everyONE today. You have the power to control the future of finance. Join us in our mission. Soon we will all be bankless.

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Join the banking revolution for everyONE today. See realtime data about 1PAY below. People are already buying 1PAY on Lobstr and StellarTerm. See realtime statistics about 1PAY below. The banking revolution has already begun. Will you join us?

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Looking for something for someone special? 1PAY is the perfect idea! Just scan the QR code and you're ready to start trading and buying 1PAY today. Show this QR code to your friends. They will thank you later. Scan the code to add 1PAY asset to their wallet.


Trading tools to help you get started when you're ready.

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1PAY is taking off to the moon and so is our mission. Learn more about us, our mission and how you can get started on your journey to decentralized finance.

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